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Currently in its fifth season, the three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated daily series THE DR. OZ SHOW is hosted by the two-time Emmy Award-winning Dr. Mehmet Oz, trusted health expert, best- selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. THE DR. OZ SHOW is an entertaining, high-octane, multi-topic hour offering equal parts life saving information in an "embarrassment-free" zone and where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014

Today Dr. Oz introduces the natural weight loss tool he has spent over a year searching for – yacon syrup. He is joined by a group of women who introduced yacon syrup into their diets as part of a 28 -day weight loss experiment. Their results were astounding! Dr. Oz reveals why researchers believe yacon syrup is a serious metabolism booster.

Next, Dr. Oz sits downs with Natural Gourmet Institute Chef Sue Baldassano, who shares some simple yacon recipes to help you lose weight.

Could your metabolism be the culprit of your weight struggle? Dr. Oz helps you identify your metabolism personality and teaches you tricks to speed it up.

Later, Dr. Oz shares four natural appetite suppressants that can help you feel less hungry.

He wraps up the hour by calling some of his favorite female doctors who have some advice for the lazy girl in you. Learn how minimum effort may grant you maximum health results.

TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014

All New: Today Dr. Oz wants every woman between the ages of 20-40 to listen up, because a new report says you may be at risk for a stroke. Dr. Oz is joined by neurologist Dr. Carolyn Brockington and a group of young women who discuss their stroke stories. Dr. Brockington shares a special set of risk factors and reveals one word that will help any women know if she is having a stroke.

Next, food industry insider Bruce Bradley sits down with Dr. Oz to discuss bizarre and harmful additives that food companies are putting in your packaged foods!

Do you buy beauty products because of what it says on the label? Dr. Oz sends Jamie Kopf from Consumer Reports’ ‘ShopSmart’ magazine to find out which beauty buzz words companies use to trick you into buying their products.

Later, Dr. Oz hears the success story of a viewer who transformed her health by watching the show.

To wrap up the hour, Dr. Oz helps a viewer commit to being healthy by using the Wheel of ‘In Case You Missed It.’


All New: Today Dr. Oz addresses one of the most common and misunderstood health conditions – heartburn. He explains what triggers heartburn, how the pain can be similar to that of a heart attack, and two things you need to know to differentiate between the two.

Next Dr. Oz sheds light on a condition where the sun doesn’t shine – hemorrhoids! He is joined by colon and rectal surgeon Dr. Brian Harlin to discuss how they grow and how to treat them.

Then, Dr. Oz talks with viewers about another embarrassing condition – yeast infections. He explains why they get so out of control and how they can be treated.

Have you ever wondered why you get so hungry? Dr. Oz shows viewers how the hunger hormone is produced through a game of musical chairs.

Later, Dr. Oz introduces a hair revolution – styling your hair naturally. He is joined by a stylist leading the charge in the natural hair movement, Marie Simone. Marie and Dr. Oz show viewers the 10-second healthy hair test and what to look for in your shampoo.

Plus, Dr. Oz is clearing up your confusion about the sun and your skin. Dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi explains the 3 biggest sun exposure myths you can’t afford to miss.

Have you ever seen someone do something so weird with their body you wonder, how’d they do that? Dr. Oz has viewers demonstrate their craziest human body tricks.

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014

Today, Dr. Oz deflates diet myths and gives you the truth on why you’re not losing the weight you want. He uncovers the reality behind popular diets and reveals secrets about vegetarian diets, late night eating, and counting calories.

How far would you go to look younger? Are there limits to cosmetic surgery? Dr. Oz is joined by addiction specialist, Dr. Drew Pinsky and plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn to discuss addictions to cosmetic surgery and the extreme measures women are taking to look younger.

Next, Dr. Oz tells you the difference between IBS and a stomach bug, and the triggers that cause each. He offers up an all-natural, simple solution to end your stomach pain for good.

Concerned about your heart? Dr. Oz shares 3 pill-free ways to reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your heart health.

Later on, Dr. Oz shows you how it’s possible to eat your stress away. He focuses in on foods that actually help reduce your anxiety in the stress-busting food edition of $500 Health Drop.

FRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014

Today, Dr. Oz lets you in on the biggest health traps women fall for. He shows you the ultimate secrets to manage your stress level and stop sabotaging your diet.

Are you always hungry? Constantly watching the clock for the next meal? Dr. Oz clues you in on the newest, all-natural appetite suppressant and Mother Nature’s “skinny sponge”—hulled barley.

Next, Dr. Oz reveals the toll commuting takes on his health – and yours. He shows you why your body reacts to stressful situations and offers two simple ways to dial down the stress of commuting.

Is it a cold or asthma? Dr. Oz familiarizes you on the difference between the two and their associated symptoms.

Later on, Dr. Oz announces that there is a new color in town – orange! In a game of Family Food, Dr. Oz enlightens you on the health power of orange foods. To assist Dr. Oz, host of ABC’s “The Chew”, Carla Hall, weighs in on the best orange foods for a healthy, nutritious diet.

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