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Currently in its fifth season, the three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated daily series THE DR. OZ SHOW is hosted by the two-time Emmy Award-winning Dr. Mehmet Oz, trusted health expert, best- selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. THE DR. OZ SHOW is an entertaining, high-octane, multi-topic hour offering equal parts life saving information in an "embarrassment-free" zone and where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

MONDAY, JULY 21, 2013
All New: Today, Dr. Oz wants viewers to know longevity isn’t just about reaching a ripe old age – it’s about feeling good as you get there! Don’t miss Dr. Oz’s longevity checklist and easy tips on adding years of quality living.

Are you doing everything right, but it just feels like your metabolism is dead on arrival? Dr. Oz is joined by physician and nutritionist Dr. Josh Axe to share the four foods he claims can be death to your metabolism.

Then, Dr. Oz is joined by author Pam Oslie , who believes every human being is surrounded by an aura – a personalized color that can unlock the secrets to your personality, body type, and even your health. She explains the major aura colors and how your color can reveal health issues.

Could you be at risk for a hernia? Dr. Oz explains the risk factors for a hernia and offers two simple solutions that can lower your risk of a hernia today!

Plus, Dr. Oz shares surprising uses for his favorite vinegar – apple cider vinegar!

TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
All New: Today, Dr. Oz sheds light on the biggest controversies that affect your health. He is joined by world-renowned pioneer of alternative medicine Dr. Andrew Weil to take on the most pressing hot topics about your health.

Then, Dr. Oz enlightens you on the ancient Chinese remedy that will help you sleep tonight – Qigong. He explains how the movements of Qigong can aid in calming your nervous system and relax your overactive mind, which will ultimately help you sleep.

Do you constantly wonder which health trends work and which don’t? Dr. Oz separates health from the hype.

Do you have textitis? Dr. Oz explains how constant texting on your cell phone can cause back and spine issues.

Later, Dr. Oz sheds light on Raynaud’s Disease, which is the pain you experience in your hands when you are cold. Joined by Dr. Paula Rackoff, a specialist in Raynaud’s, Dr. Oz provides answers on how to identify if you suffer from the disease and how to prevent an attack from occurring.

To wrap up the hour, Dr. Oz reveals how to save money by showing you new ways to use your old things.

Today Dr. Oz takes on the biggest cellulite myths ever. If you believe you’re stuck for good with your cellulite, think again! Cellulite can be fought, and Dr. Oz will reveal what you can do to easily diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Next, you’ve heard the warnings about sugar and caffeine-fueled energy drinks, but are the latest organic versions of these beverages any safer? Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick joins Dr. Oz to discuss the three ingredients to watch out for in organic energy drinks.

Do you ever overeat? Dr. Oz will tell you the most surprising reasons why you overeat, and the little adjustments you can make to control your appetite.

Later on, Dr. Oz will expose how your beauty salon might be putting your health at risk. He reveals three shocking realities the salon would never want you to know.

What do you use to clean the toughest stains in your house? Dr. Oz will share some unexpected natural cleaners that you already have at home.


Today, Dr. Oz familiarizes you with the condition that 80% of women get—fibroids. He is joined by gynecologist Dr. Jessica Shepherd to tell you everything you need to know about fibroids and the best solutions to ease your discomfort.

Next, Dr. Oz informs you on a health trend among women that offers the promise of weight loss, detoxing, and energy—coffee enemas. He uncovers the shocking truths behind coffee enemas and provides you with a natural way to get energy and detox without the unsafe health risks.

Is it really hard for you to make a decision? Author of ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Noreena Hertz joins Dr. Oz to show you how you can effectively make decisions and leave the indecisiveness behind. Dr. Oz clues you in about how the inability to make decisions is one of the biggest threats to your health.

Do you want to stop your carb cravings for good? Dr. Oz is joined by author of ‘Happy Hormones, Slim Belly’ Jorge Cruise, to show you two key steps to end your carb cravings for good.

To wrap up the hour, Dr. Oz plays a game of “is it real or fake” to decode some of the most shocking health advertisements that made it to print.

FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014

Today, Dr. Oz shares the health key you’ve been searching for. He is joined by nutritional therapist Nora Gedgaudas to explain food sensitivity and the effects that certain foods can have on your mood and body.

Next, Dr. Oz recaps the successes of the diet plan that millions have downloaded—The 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet.

What would you do if you walked into your kitchen and saw a grease fire? Dr. Oz offers advice for handling your dangerous kitchen hazards.

Are you suffering from neck pain? Dr. Oz is joined by world-class acrobat, Tatyana Petruk, to explain the cause of your neck pain and how to get rid of it.

Later, Dr. Oz gives you the new essentials to recharge and maximize your life after 40.

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