DR. OZ Show Listings: Week of February 03

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Currently in its fifth season, the three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning syndicated daily series THE DR. OZ SHOW is hosted by the two-time Emmy Award-winning Dr. Mehmet Oz, trusted health expert, best- selling author, and world-renowned cardiac surgeon. THE DR. OZ SHOW is an entertaining, high-octane, multi-topic hour offering equal parts life saving information in an "embarrassment-free" zone and where nothing is off limits or out of bounds.

All New: Today, Dr. Oz reveals the bloat cure to stop the agony for good! Joined by founder of The Digestive Center for Women, Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Dr. Oz discusses the biggest mistake women make when it comes to dealing with bloating. Plus, Dr. Chutkan shares what's in your anti-bloat elixir.

Next, Dr. Oz answers the question - am I normal or am I nuts? This time, it's the belly edition! Dr. Oz assesses your belly confessions and determines whether they're normal or just nuts!

Having trouble fighting off that desire for something salty or sweet? Dr. Oz discusses the three spices that can kill your cravings and aid in your weight loss.

Later, Dr. Oz is joined by three of the country's top dermatologists to tackle your biggest concern- how to stop your face from aging. They reveal a foolproof treatment plan to stop those wrinkles.

Next, the newest anti-aging foods straight from one of the top clinics for anti-aging in the world! Wellness Manger at The Cleveland Clinic and registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick joins Dr. Oz to update your anti-aging shopping list!

To wrap up the hour, Dr. Oz shares his three must-read books of the month.


All New: Today, Dr. Oz shares the health key you've been searching for. He is joined by nutritional therapist Nora Gedgaudas to explain food sensitivity and the eff ects that certain foods can have on your mood and body.

Next, Dr. Oz recaps the successes of the diet plan that millions have downloaded—The 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet.

What would you do if you walked into your kitchen and saw a grease fire? Dr. Oz offers advice for handling your dangerous kitchen hazards.

Are you suffering from neck pain? Dr. Oz is joined by world-class acrobat, Tatyana Petruk, to explain the cause of your neck pain and how to get rid of it.

Later, Dr. Oz gives you the new essentials to recharge and maximize your life after 40.


All New: Today, Dr. Oz is rebooting your body so it can burn calories faster than ever before! Anyone who feels their metabolism is slower than slow can take simple steps to speed it up. Dr. Oz and "The Metabolism Whisperer" nutritionist Haylie Pomroy share a plan to help you lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days! Dr. Oz also reveals the metabolism fuel specifically for your body type.

Ladies, want to know the fastest ways to get rid of your yeast infection? Dr. Oz shares his all-natural and quick remedies.

Next, Dr. Oz is joined by neurologist Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary to discuss three ways to detox your body naturally – all in under one hour!

Later, Dr. Oz will show you why your breakfast could be making you cranky. Learn some quick breakfast fixes to improve your morning.

Want to say goodbye to carbs? Dr. Oz presents the latest gadget for the healthiest meals—the kitchen tool that'll turn any vegetable into gourmet spaghetti.


All New: When it comes to embarrassing health questions, Dr. Oz thought he had heard it all – until today. Dr. Oz shares viewers' most outrageous and embarrassing health mistakes ever.

Do you have sweeteners in your kitchen? Dr. Oz reveals what he doesn't want in your kitchen and exposes an all natural sweetener that may be more harmful than regular sugar.

Could your breast pain be a sign of a heart attack? Dr. Oz shows you the difference between sore breasts and the symptoms of a heart attack.

Next, Dr. Oz is joined by one of magic's greatest illusionists, Andrew Mayne, to debunk some of medicine's most controversial myths using magic.

Are you addicted to lip balm? Dr. Oz reveals why lip balm may not be helping your dry lips, and how to know if you're a lip balm addict.


All New: Time to stop fearing fat! Dr. Oz is showing you how you can literally get your fat to eat itself! Discover which types of fats in food can blast that stubborn belly fat by reducing inflammation and regulating blood sugar.

Are you lactose sensitive and need more calcium-rich foods? Dr. Oz lets you in on his favorite dairy-free ways to get all the calcium you need for the day.

What if you could reduce your risk of some of the deadliest cancers by 50%? Dr. Oz is joined by Angiogenesis Foundation researcher, Dr. William Li, to show you ways to reduce your risk of cancer and key cancer-fighting foods.

Next, Dr. Oz shares three ways to erase every kind of sudden back pain.

Ever wonder how women on TV always look so trim? Dr. Oz is joined by fashion insider Stacy Cox to show you how to instantly look 10 pounds thinner.

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