ZU hosts Free Lunch Friday with the Durham County Clerk of Courts


YES! I finally hosted a Free Lunch Friday in Durham!

I also got to hang out with the friendly, hard-working folks from the Durham County Clerk of Courts.

They watched a few previews, took some photos and ate tasty grub provided by HWY 55.

Have you seen the new Durham Justice Center?! It's shinier than me AND the HWY 55 Pink Caddy!! We were impressed! It made me think of one of my fave quotes from a movie:

I want the truth!! You can't handle the truth!!

You HAVE to know what court-drama that's from! (hint: the movie stars Tom Cruise who drove my 2nd cousin Larry in the film "Days of Thunder")

Ok...it was "A Few Good Men".

ATTENTION!! Time is running out to register to have FREE LUNCH with me! You have until Sunday Aug 25 at 11:59pm to register. Click here to sign up.




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