WATCH: June 22, 2014 Episode of TAR HEEL TALK


Topic: New Horizon's Character & Leadership Academy


  • Martina "Coach D" Dunford, Founder, New Horizon's
  • Rhonda Small, Math & Science teacher, New Horizon's

According to Durham’s Communities in School chapter, more than 400 students drop out of school each year in the Bull City and the prospects for their futures is dire; 40-percent will end up on welfare, 30-percent of the males will commit crimes serious enough to put them in prison and out of desperation, many will end up in gangs.  New Horizon's is a school specifically designed to work with at-risk youth and keep them in school and off the streets. Coach D founded New Horizon's 18 years ago after noticing kids hanging out at times they were supposed to be in school.  She later learned these students had long term suspension and nothing to do during the day.

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