WATCH: LIP DUB Lessons: #2 - Lighting


Over the years, we here at FOX 50 have seen a lot of LIP DUB videos.We've been able to see some incredible videos from our LIP DUB schools. Now, we want to take some of the best tips and pointers from those videos and pass them along to you! 

In this LIP DUB Lesson, the topic is lighting.  Make no mistake: not accounting for lighting can really bring down your video. 

In this lesson, Justin gives you---by using his award-winning dramatic reenactments---pointers on what lighting problems you could face and tips on how to fix them.

We'll be covering more topics in the near future, so keep an eye out for LIP DUB lessons!  (You'll find them here on and on the LIP DUB App.)

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