WATCH: Meet the 2014 LIP DUB Winners!

Goodwill Community Foundation presents THE FOX 50 LIP DUB PROJECT. Sponsored by Character Matters.

By Sierra Clarke


LIP DUB 2014: The Year of Cumberland County

This year, there were many components that brought THE FOX 50 LIP DUB PROJECT to new heights including a billboard advertising for votes, a cross county rivalry, and a brand new app that allowed for a record number of votes! “Tap that button!”

Gray's Creek High School was presented their GRAND PRIZE check and trophy for their “Happy” Lip Dub submission. The senior class will be rewarded for their efforts by having a drive thru movie set up on campus!

Gray's Creek High School

Grays Creek's rival, South View High School came together during a tough time to produce an outstanding Lip Dub video. You “roared” and we heard you, loud and clear. Talk about SCHOOL SPIRIT!

South View High School

Massey Hill Classical High School purchased a billboard near the school to encourage people to vote. Their student body has less than 500 kids proving that the number of students at a school is just that, a number.  Their “Man in the Mirror” Lip Dub submission brought so much to the competition including outstanding camera work, choreography-that we all need to learn ASAP, and an inspiring message!

Massey Hill Classical High School

FOX 50 also added superlatives this year that were decided before voting ever started.  Click HERE to check them out.

Thank you all for participating and for all the hard work and creativity that was put into your videos.
See you next year for year five of THE FOX 50 LIP DUB PROJECT!

REMEMBER: Just because you won the GRAND PRIZE doesn’t mean you can’t participate next year (You just can’t win the GRAND PRIZE again BUT $5,000 and $2,500 is STILL a lot of money.)

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