Check out the LIP DUB 2014 Superlatives!

Goodwill Community Foundation present THE FOX 50 LIP DUB PROJECT. Sponsored by Character Matters.


Thanks to ALL of the schools who participated in THE FOX 50 LIP DUB PROJECT 2014.  

There was AMAZING work done this year in the LIP DUBvideos. So much so that we wanted to recognize the talents and creativity that goes into them. So behold..the first-ever LIP DUB SUPERLATIVES!

We compiled a list of "best of" categories. Then, before voting started, we got together and nominated videos for the various categories. After much debate---and snacks---we came up with the list you see below.

Now, while there's no prizes for any of these, we hope you can take pride for being recognized for all of the hard work and creativity that went into them.

So check out the list and enjoy the LIP DUB Superlatives!

Best Costume:
Apex High School

Most Creative:
Apex High School

Best Concept:
Apex High School

Rookie of the year:
Garner Magnet High School / The School for Creative Studies

Best End Shot:
Garner Magnet High School

Best Camera Work:
Massey Hill High School

Best Choreography:
Massey Hill High School

Most Spirited:
South View High School / Pinecrest High School

Best Song Interpretation:
South View High School

Best Coordination:
(tie) Massey Hill High School / South View High School

Best Movie Homage:
South Johnston High School

Best Back Flip:
Douglas Byrd High School

Best Jam Session:
Bal Perazim Christian Academy

Best Puppet:
Wakefield High School

Best Prom Invite:
Corinth Holders High School

Best Flash Mob:
Saint Mary's School

Cutest Couple:
Cleveland High School


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